Friday, April 1, 2011

TPS Community Arts Festival

Sharing a note from Anita Cook, TPS Art Teacher Extraordinaire, about the Arts Festival. And, thanks to Bruce Dean for the great photos.

A Good Snowy Morning to All!

Thanks so much to you for making last night a Wonderful night for the Arts.  I saw smiles all night and the only discouraging words were: "There's not enough parking!"  I haven't counted the guest book to see how many attended and I'm sure there were a few who didn't sign in but the pages seemed to be turning with frequency.  I will get back to you with a head count.

I am amazed at the variety of all the Arts: creative movement, music and song and visual arts.  Wow!  and it's happening in our little town of Princeton.  I'm so glad I live here.

If you heard a mention of next year, you heard right.  We're already thinking of Alphabet, letters/lettering and calligraphy....lots of areas to find a niche that tickles your fancy.  So, please, do think about next year and we'll be in touch.

Thanks again! Love, Anita

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