Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Princeton Arts Chorale


On Sunday, May 1, at 7 PM in the Congregational Church, the Princeton Arts Chorale will present its second fullscale show. The first occurred two years ago as a celebration of Princeton's 250th anniversary and was a great success. This year's show is called ANGELS, SING ON: A FIERCE DISPUTE OVER SONGS OF INSPIRATION. It takes place in heaven, and both the participants and the audience are angels. Harry Pape plays the part of Angel First Class Stephen Foster and argues for secular songs of inspiration, while Wendy Pape, playing the part of St.Cecilia, claims spiritual songs are more inspirational. Ken Seims has the role of God, who umpires the dispute, and the audience is the jury that judges the songs each side produces. The Chorale director (and one of the primary soloists) is again Larry Sigler, and the accompanist Janeen Baker. The manager and playwright is David Lowenthal.

The songs themselves range from pieces by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Schubert to the great rock ballad, STAND BY ME, and Elvis Presley's LOVE ME TENDER, with many negro spirituals and other favorites in between. There are singing opportunities for soloists as well as small groups. Mrs. Kerry William, Thomas Prince School music teacher, is a Chorale member, and so are TPS students Maggie Belculfini and Acadia Kopec.

Refreshments will be served afterwards in the vestry room. A donation of $5 per person and $10 per family (any size) is requested.

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