Monday, September 27, 2010

Princeton Hey Day

Hey How about at Hey Day!? Ah a Country Fair in Princeton MA on Sat. Oct. 2. My attached painting of "Milkyway and Flo" is among my contributions to the exhibit. The Hey Day at Princeton is unlike any other since "fine art" and "fine crafts" are in the mix. Artists have a harvest too of the many works we have done this summer, there will be 15 artists demonstrating and an exhibit of 15 other artists. The fair is sponsored by the princeton Art society and Wachusett Meadow. Horse drawn carriages and sleighs will lead you in and to greet you are warm and friendly smiles, the usual country fare will be available as at other fairs, personally I have never been to the Hey day so my curiousity is peaked just as sure as yours is, With all the Autumn fairs from town to town, hope you will put this one on your list.

To find the Hey Day on Sat. Oct. 2 go to Princeton center around the common and head towards Hubbardston on Rt. 62, it is at Wachusett Meadow a right turn about a half mile down. I bet there will be signs.

Come visit my cows "Milkyway and Flo" and see "Caramel and Cookie" too, I will also be exhibiting a selelction of autumn sunsets and harvests of land and sea. I am excited to see what the other artists will have!

Sharon Jordan Bahosh

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  1. Thanks to all the those who I am sure worked so hard to pull it all together for Hey Day. The Botanical Beauties and Beasties are proud to be part of your 2012 calendar- thanks for the opportunity. - liz


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