Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A New Book for Artists

PAS Member Kathy Hebert has written a book that she’d like everyone to know about. No Talent Required:  My Journey from Paint by Numbers to Art Instructor is now available in print or ebook formats. Here’s how Kathy describes it:

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw and paint but were afraid you had no talent? This book will open your eyes to what it's all about. Talent is not required. Follow one woman's journey of discovery and share her stories of what it took to become an artist. Meet her teachers, the good and the bad. Share her years of learning from her students, the tips and tricks it takes to be an artist.

You can find No Talent Required in the following places:
·         In any ebook format (epub, mobi, pdf, etc.) at Smashwords:          

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