Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Small Works Show Report

Dear Members,
By all accounts, this year's show was one of our best, especially as measured by the number of participating artists and by the variety and quality of art and artisan items on display, not to mention the very affordable prices offered by our exhibiting members. The Opening Reception on Friday evening was well attended, and we had a steady flow of art lovers and holiday shoppers from within and outside the immediate community on both Saturday and Sunday.
I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped to make this event successful including Beth Mellor who with assistance from Claire Golding created our show posters and member show communications;  Judy Tyler who did such a marvelous job of promoting and marketing the show; Emilie Astell who assisted in receiving work; Diane Pedersen for lending us her display panels; Judy Dino, Mary Trostel and Susan Ulrich who helped to hang the show;  Dave and Rosella Stromberg, who among other things, planned and oversaw the Opening Reception of the food and beverage table; Jen Caswell, who provided the live music for the Opening Reception;  and all the Officers, Board Members and Society Members who staffed the event including some of those already mentioned along with Andrea Driscoll, Christian Gal, Kathy Hebert, Rosanne Mapp, Diane Pedersen, Joanne Quinn, Janice Rayner, Joyce Rettstadt, Karen Rossow, Bobbye Samdahl, Jean Strock, and Barry Van Dusen; and finally, Naoko Gomi, who will shortly be issuing checks to all those members who sold work during the show.
I would also like to thank our exhibiting members ( including a number of new members) for their participation, with a special thanks to those members who created and donated pieces of their work to help fund our Society, including Sharon Bahosh, Robert Baron, Jen Caswell, Bruce Dean, Judy Dino, Andrea Driscoll, Charles Gray, Mary Haggar, Kathy Hebert, Jenny Hersh, Linda Lee Johnson, Dave Lucht, Lori MacDonald, Heather March, Mary Anne Magiera, Beth Mellor, Priscilla Messinger, Jean Murphy, Marjorie Needles, Diane Pedersen, Marilyn Pratt, Janice Rayner, Michael Rogan, Mary Trostel, Judy Tyler, and Barry Van Dusen.
Finally, I would like to thank the Gardner Area League of Artists (GALA)  for promoting the show in their electronic newsletters as well as all other Princeton Arts Society members and other associations who helped to spread the word regarding our great show. Please forgive me if I have neglected to recognize anyone in the above acknowledgements.
Besides enriching our community with this event, I am happy to report that we sold a great deal of art. In fact, this year sales exceeded all recent prior year results, with 80% of all artists selling at least one piece.! We are very grateful for the turnout and support given to us by both members and the public.
With the above said, I now officially close the books on yet another great holiday show. I look forward to next Spring and our annual judged show in May. I now happily retreat into my own studio for a long winter's nap and hopefully a period of creative productivity.
Len Haug, PAS Exhibit Coordinator

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