Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thanks from Habitat for Humanity

Hi Len,

The items certainly added a lot to the event! In total we raised $980 from 21 pieces of furniture from the artists/tech schools including $200 for a doll house built by the students at Worcester Tech and decorated by an interior design class at Becker College. The 11 pieces PAS donated raised $451.

We are very excited about the relationship we’ve started with PAS and many other area artists. In fact as part of the kickoff event in Wayland, for the 4 homes we will be building in town, the local project committee will be reaching out to artists for decorated planting pots to be sold off at the event at a local greenhouse. It’s a great way to get more people involved and to further promote the local artists. Hopefully Habitat gets promoted to a new audience as well as the artists getting promoted to a new audience as well.

We’re just starting the planning process for the next High Heels and Hard Hats event! Besides the 4 homes we’ll be starting in Wayland this fall, we’re dedicating a home in Sturbridge next month, finishing up one home in Worcester this fall and starting a duplex in the city as well. We’re also in talks with Charlton and Holliston for donations of land in those towns. Our affiliate is expanding rather quickly!

Thank you again for all of the hard work and creativity you and your fellow PAS members put into each piece.

Take care,

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