Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PAS Spring Show Report

Report from Len Haug

Our 21st Spring Art "Coming of Age" Exhibit and Sale was very successful thanks to all participating artists, volunteers, and some 125 to 150 attendees.  I would like especially to thank the following people:

Close to 50 member artists (including 3 new members) participated in the show. We had over 85 entries. The quality of the art on exhibit was outstanding, and a wide range of subjects and media were represented. We are indeed fortunate to have such talented artists as members. Congratulations to the winning artists: Joanne Talbot Quinn (First Place), Tom Kellner (Second Place), Jean Stabell (Third Place), Sid Solomon (Honorable Mention), and Joe Smith (Honorable Mention).

The show could not have been successful without the help of our members. Special thanks to the following individuals (in alphabetical order) : Jen Caswell, Judy Dino, Christian Gal, Claire Golding, Naoko Gomi, Barbara Krashes, Doreen LaScola, Beth Mellor, Diane Moore, Jean Murphy, Diane Pedersen, Janice Rayner, Karen Rossow, Jean and Harry Strock, Dave and Rosella Stromberg, Mary and Lou Trostel, Judy Tyler, and Susan Ulrich. We also want to recognize the many members who promoted our show and/or brought guests along, as well as the many members who contributed refreshments for our opening night reception. Forgive me for any omissions.

We would also like to thank the following groups and individuals for their contributions:

Thanks to the Wachusett Garden Club members, including  Rosalind Rourn Beck, Kim Houde, Karen Johnson, Beth MacAdams, and Elisabeth Murphy, for their beautiful floral arrangements.

Thanks to Gayle Rollins for the use of the Senior Center Room that provided additional gallery and reception space for opening night.

Thanks to Judy Breen for sponsoring the First Place Prize in memory of Steve Breen, a longtime member and past president of the Princeton Arts Society.

Thanks to our judges, Ralph Caouette and Carol Ranson, faculty members of the Wachusett Regional High School Art Department, for judging the show.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we were able to sell four pieces of art on behalf of our members and raise over $450.00 for the Society through commissions and donations. Thanks to those who purchased art work and/or made donations to our Society. Your support is very much appreciated in helping us cover our ongoing operational expenses.

Len Haug

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