Friday, December 9, 2011

Report: 2011 Small Works & Holiday Gift Exhibit

I am pleased to report that the show was very successful in terms of attendance and in terms of sales.  We had a steady flow of visitors from the opening reception on Friday night right through closing on Sunday afternoon.
The art work and gifts on sale were of very high quality and priced at an affordable level.
Over the three days we sold over $3700 of art (originals, prints, and other gift items).  Of the proceeds, artists received over $2600 and the Society received over $1100.00.  Eighty per cent of all thirty six participating member artists sold at least one piece.  Thanks and congratulations to all participating artists.
I attribute our success largely to the active support of our membership who shared their talents and time before, during and after the event including:
Emilie Astell, Judy Dino, Andrea Driscoll, Frances Espy, Christian Gal, Claire Golding, David Hummon, Patricia King, Doreen La Scola, Beth Mellor, Jean Murphy, Karen Rossow, Bobbye Samdahl, the Sancho-Rosi Family, Jean Strock , David and Rosella Stromberg, Lou and Mary Trostel, Judy Tyler, and Susan Ulrich
I would also like to thank those members who created and donated slate paintings and other art work to benefit the Society.  Sale of donated art work raised $400 with all proceeds going to the Society.  Contributors included:
Frances Espy, Dawn Gardetto, Charles Gray, Kathy Hebert, Luann Hume, Naida Knox, Doreen La Scola, Linda Johnson, Lori Mac Donald, Jean Murphy, Paula Murphy, Karen Rossow, Pam Short, David Stromberg, Mary Trostel, and Judy Tyler.
Thanks also to all those who prepared and provided refreshments that helped to make the opening reception so enjoyable.
Finally, we are most appreciative of the many Princeton and area residents who attended our exhibit and sale.
Forgive me if I have omitted any one from the above acknowledgements.
Happy Holidays!

Len Haug
Exhibit Coordinator

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