Thursday, December 9, 2010

PAS Small Artworks Exhibit and Holiday Gift Sale

Dear PAS Members and Artists;
Thank you so much for your support in making this year's Small Artworks and Holiday Gift Sale so successful.
The opening reception was well attended and our Center in holiday attire along with all the beautiful artwork added to the festivities, not to mention all the great appetizers, desserts and the beverages provided by members.
In total, attendance at the three day event exceeded 125. Thanks to everyone who promoted the event and/or brought guests to the event.
From a financial perspective, total sales exceeded $2700.00 of which artists received $1700.00 and PAS, $1000.00. Of the 40 participating artists, over 50% of our artists sold at least one item.
50% of PAS income came from the sale of member created and donated miniature paintings. It looks like our miniatures are becoming a tradition and our a big draw to the event as they make such beautiful gifts. Thanks to all those who donated these pieces. In total, over 152 individual art and gift items were sold during the event. In addition, $420.00 was received in the form of existing member renewals and new member enrollments bringing the gross income generated from this event to over $3100.00.
This event would not have been successful had it not been for the active involvement of our members. I would like to thank the following groups and individuals.
Thanks to the Board of Directors for their enthusiastic support to try some new approaches , like complimentary gift wrapping and supporting a lower commission rate (15% versus 25%) for items priced under $75.00, and for extending the event through Sunday. These actions all added to our success.
Thanks to those who helped to receive work and decorate the room and hang all the artwork in our galleries, art shop, gift boutique, and miniature panels, especially Emilie Astell, Judy Dino, Diane Moore, and Susan Ulrich.
Thanks to those who coordinated the food and beverages, especially David and Rosella Stromberg. The cranberry punch was great. Thanks again to all those who prepared or provided food and beverages.
Thanks to Judy Tyler for creating the professional labels for artwork in our galleries.
Thanks to all our "fine arts sales associates" including Susan Ulrich, Karen Rossow, Joanne Quinn, the Sancho-Rosi Family, Barry Van Dusen, Jean Strock, Bruce Dean, Jen Caswell, Beth Mellor, and Pat King.
Thanks to Beth Mellor for helping to create our beautiful flyers and posters and for those posting them throughout Princeton and surrounding towns. A special thanks to Gina Constantino and Claire Golding for their work in getting the word out about the event in the Landmark and Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Thanks to David Stromberg for obtaining town permit and for installing exhibit signs in Town.
Thanks to Mary Trostel for her coordination of the gift wrapping program.
And when it was all over, thanks to those who helped to release unsold work, pay artists, and clean up the facilities including Karen Rossow, Joyce Rettstadt, Susan Ulrich, and Naoko Gomi.
Thanks to all those artists who provided such beautiful artwork and gifts at affordable prices, with a special thanks to those who created and donated those lovely miniatures including Sharon Bahosh, Jen Caswell, Bruce Dean, Judy Dino, Andrea Driscoll, Charles Gray, Kathy Hebert, Linda Johnson, Patricia King, Deborah Kirk, Naida Knox, Marjorie Lapore, Joanne Quinn, Jean Murphy,Marjorie Needles, Mary Pratt,
Janice Rayner, Sid Solomon, Mary Trostel, and Susan Ulrich.
Finally, thanks to Jean Murphy who coordinated this program for so many years and on whose template we built and executed this years program. Her documentation provided a solid foundation for this years success.
Please forgive me if I have overlooked anyone. While this event was very successful, if you have any ideas on how the event can be further improved for 2011, please send me an email and we will consider your input for next year.
While the revenue generated from this event is important, the event to me was also very important as it gave me an additional opportunity to work with our very talented and supportive artists and members. Thank you all for your contributions.
Len Haug
Small Artworks Exhibit and Holiday Gift Event Coordinator

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