Friday, November 19, 2010

Small Works Show & Sale

Dear Princeton Arts Society Artist

In preparation for the upcoming Small Artworks and Handmade Gift Sale Event on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th, it would be helpful if those submitting work for exhibit and sale would complete the attached form in advance and bring the completed form with you at time of drop off (Saturday, November 27th 1-4 PM or Tuesday, November 30th 9 AM -12 Noon).

Please note that there are three sections on the form that may apply in part or in total to participating artists. The first section is for items to be displayed in the gallery (up to three small pieces per artist) that include title, media, size, and price. The second section is to record miniature 5 X 5 paintings that many of our member artists have been creating and will be donating to raise funds for the Society, and lastly, a third section to capture all the information related to items to be displayed and sold in our "art shop" on tables and racks in and outside the gallery area.

In order to control all incoming work, all pieces also need to include proper identification on the back of each piece that links to the inventory form including artist name, title and or description, and price. Please individually tag jewelry and other small items.

As previously communicated in our Call for Artists and our subsequent correspondence we are looking to have as much affordable art as possible on display and for sale. As a reminder, PAS will be taking a smaller commission on all pieces of art being sold for less than $75.00. The reduced commission rate for all work sold for those donating two or more miniatures will also be 15%. All other work sold at this event will be subject to the standard 25% rate.

If you have racks or bins to display your "art shop prints, photos, unframed originals, etc.", please bring them with you at time of drop off. We will also have additional racks as well if needed.

Also, if you have gift boxes and holiday wrapping paper, ribbon or other materials appropriate for gift wrapping your art work please bring as well as we will be providing complimentary gift wrapping services.

Finally, we are still in need of volunteers for the staffing the event on Saturday and Sunday. See attached volunteer slots that still need to be filled. Let me know if you can volunteer for any of these time slots.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this upcoming event, please contact me at or give me a call at 978-464-2952.

Thanks for all your support in making this a successful exhibit and sale!

Artworks Submission Form
Volunteer List

Len Haug

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