Friday, April 4, 2014

Thomas Prince School Student Art Exhibit at Princeton Bank and Town Hall

The Princeton Arts Society, the Princeton Town Hall, and the Princeton Branch of the Barre Bank are proud to present a selection of art work created by students of the Thomas Prince School under the direction of art instructor, Anita Cook.

All of the work has been created during the current school year and was displayed as part of the school’s annual Community Arts Festival held in March. Art work includes various media including sculptures created with the shared theme of “Nature.”

Visitors will see flowers, owls, landscapes, and abstract interpretations of floral designs. Work may be viewed during standard business hours at the Bank and at the Town Hall through the end of April.

We are fortunate to have such a quality art program and such talented students from Princeton and surrounding towns.

The show includes the work of the following students on exhibit at the following locations:

The Barre Bank
Shawn Bernard (K)                                
Charlie Doyle (First)                              
Amelia Raniford (Second)                    
Ethan Gardula (Third)            
Sophie Farr (Third)
Samantha Atkins (Third)
Daniel Forky (Fourth)
John “Jack” King (Fifth)
Madison DiPadua (Sixth)
Jenny Clark-Viklund (Seventh)
Lillian “Lilly” Antonio (Seventh)
Carly Dickson (Eighth)

Bank Hours: M: 8:30AM-4PM; TU & W: 9AM-4PM; TH: 9AM-5PM; F: 8:30 AM-6PM; SA: 8:30AM-12 NOON

Bagg Hall (The Town Hall)
Charlotte Long (K)
Madison Perry (First)
Ainsley Nunn (Second)
Eric Shurtleff (Third)
Laney Harrold (Third)
Sean Connors (Third)
Laurel Mitchell (Fourth)
Violet Gunsalus (Fifth)
Hunter Johnson (Sixth)
Isabelle Lanpher (Sixth)
Gabriel Springfield (Seventh)
Laurel Lowenthal (Eighth)

Bagg Hall (The Town Hall) Hours: Monday-Thursday 8AM – 4PM

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