Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Discount Art Supplies Opportunity: 9/3/13 Deadline

Art Supplies
Discount Buying Opportunity Through CC Lowell
PAS members now have the opportunity to buy quality art supplies from CC.Lowell and receive a 30% – 60% discount when the order is placed as part of a bulk order through the Princeton Arts Society.   A copy of the price list, showing the applicable discount, is available in the Princeton Art Society room in the Princeton Center.  If you would like your own copy, email Judy Dino at onidju@aol.com and I will send you the excel file by return email!   Sorry, I cannot send hard copies of the file.
We will be placing our first order in early September.
To order:
1.    Make a list of what you want – use our handy order form ( contact Judy Dino at onidju@aol.com for a copy) or make your own.  Include item number, brief description, quantity, discounted price per piece, total cost (price per piece times number of pieces). Also include your name, phone # and email address.
2.     Total the costs of your items
3.     Multiply your total by .0625 to find the sales tax owed.
4.    Add sales tax to total for final cost.
5.    Write check for total payable to CC.Lowell.
6.    Get check by mail or by hand to Andrea Driscoll or Judy Dino. If by mail, send to Judy Dino, 84 Main Street, Princeton Ma, 01541
7.    Pick up order at the Art Society Room at the Princeton Center when it comes in.
Orders with payment must be received by September 3, 2013. 
Any questions?  Contact Andrea Driscoll (andreadriscoll@hotmail.com , 978-563-1714) or Judy Dino (onidju@aol.com, 978-340-4100)   

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