Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Plug for Plein Air Painting

Dave Lucht has sent this message about the upcoming plein air painting
opportunity in Shrewsbury:

I'm writing to put in a plug for the plein air painting opportunity in
Shrewsbury on Sunday afternoon, June 9.  This historic site is very near my
home...I've long imagined painting some of the lovely scenes on the
property.  Unfortunately I have to be in NY that weekend and will miss the
chance to join in the fun, but I'm sure many PAS and AGS members will find
it to be an enjoyable afternoon.  Below are a few additional photographs of
the site which includes the family home and a giant yellow barn.  (Dean Park
also has a pond and you might find some interesting landscape scenes there

Artemas Ward was the first Commander in Chief of revolutionary forces in
Massachusetts and soon after served as a major general under George
Washington. A Harvard grad, he also had a highly successful career in law,
the judiciary and politics. He was also Moderator of the church I attend,
the Congregational Church "on the green", founded in 1723. The Ward property
is now preserved as a museum by Harvard University.

Oh, and by the way, don't forget to check out the stone post near the Dean
Park entrance across the street from the Ward estate.  Listed in the
National Register of Historic Places, this is one of few surviving original
mileposts erected along the Boston Post Road circa 1757. The milepost system
was the brainchild of Benjamin Franklin when he was postmaster general. The
idea was to base postage charges on the parcel delivery distance... the
posts were helpful in consistently figuring postage charges. He also
invented a horse-drawn wagon "odometer" to travel along ahead of the post
planting crew to be sure they placed the posts in the right place (what a
guy!).  Below is a picture of the famous post.

Hope you have good weather!  Wish I could be there.


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