Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art Materials Available to PAS Members

Thanks to the generosity of PAS member Judy Breen, the Princeton Arts Society has been given a fairly large quantity of unused lengths of wood and metal framing material as well as unopened boxes of picture glass of various sizes. We are making these items available to interested members in return for donations to the Society. As many of you know, Judy's husband, Steve, was a past president of PAS, an art instructor, and on the side he provided framing services for local artists for many years prior to his passing. Following are a few more details regarding available items.

Framing Material

There is a stock of thirty-five to fifty 7- to 10-foot lengths of wood and metal framing material in various colors, sizes and styles, from simple to ornate. A portion of these are in original protective wrapping. There is a supply of metal corners for assembling metal frames.


There are 4 to 5 unopened cartons of picture glass in sizes ranging from 16 x 20” to 24” and 26” x 36”. Some are regular glass while others are conservation quality glass.

These items would be perfect for members with appropriate cutting tools or for those who have an interest in learning to cut and make custom frames and glass.

Items are being offered for a donation to the Princeton Arts Society. Interested parties may send a note of interest to contact@princetonarts.org. Once we have determined who the interested members are we will arrange a date and time for viewing these items.

Thanks again to Judy Breen for thinking of the Princeton Arts Society.

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