Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Webpage for Kevin J. McCarthy

PAS member Kevin McCarthy of Leominster reports that he has created a web page to share his writings & artwork with others. Although he's just getting started with the site, it contains his 339-page book,an article, a poem, and a few photos of his artwork and crewel embroidery work. He hopes to add hundreds of photos of his artwork and many other articles and poems, many of which have already been published. Visit Kevin's site at: www.worldbykevin.com

Kevin is also the "Artist of the Month" until mid- February at the Leominster Art Center, 69 Main Street, Leominster MA (across from the Post Office), where he has over twenty pieces of artwork on display. Come meet him and see the display during the "First Friday" event on February 3, during which there will be food & drinks & live music by "Libo".

Boxed sets of Kevin's note cards, reproductions of thirteen magic marker sketches of downtown Leominster storefronts and other downtown Leominster sites, are available for purchase at the Leominster Art Center. Many of his artworks are for sale as well. Stop by and have a look!

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