Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PAS Show Report

TO:  PAS Members

SUBJECT: Report on PAS 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit & Sale

There is only one way to describe the Princeton Arts Society 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit and Sale – Overwhelmingly Successful – from start to finish the event met or exceeded all of our hopes and expectations!

The event drew an estimated 450+ people. There were, in fact, very few quiet moments from the time the doors opened at 7 pm on Friday, May 13th until closing ceremonies at 4 pm on Sunday, May 15th.

Our plan was to showcase the arts in the community of Princeton by reaching out to artists in surrounding towns.  It was great to see over eighty participating artists from over 30 central Massachusetts towns, including a number of out of state artists.

The art work totaling over 150 pieces of art in all major media required the use of not only the gymnasium and our new studio space but also, thanks to facility management, the use of the Senior Room.  Use of three different "galleries" organized by media enhanced visitor enjoyment and added to the overall success of the event.  The quality of the art was outstanding.

A selection of recent work by the PAS Portrait Group was also on display, and the event was further enhanced by the inclusion of an additional exhibit of over 24 pieces of art created by junior and senior honor students from the Wachusett Regional High School Art Department and a poetry "hall" of poems created by eighth grade students from the Thomas Prince School.

Over 38 ribbons and awards were presented at receptions Friday and Saturday evenings to adult and student artists (see attached listing of winning artists and entries), and twelve pieces of artwork were purchased by patrons.

The Popular Choice Award was funded and presented on Sunday afternoon by Judy Breen in honor of Steve Breen, a long time art educator and past president of the Princeton Arts Society 

The show could not have been as successful without the support and contributions of the following groups and individuals. Thanks to:

·       The artists who chose to share their beautiful art and help celebrate the Society 20th anniversary, many of whom decided to become members in the process. Thank you!

·       The Princeton Cultural Council, a local agency, supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency for partially funding the event.

·       All of our company and private sponsors and donors who provided additional financial support as well as those who contributed gift certificates, raffle items, or products and services for the event.  A special thanks to Polar Beverages for providing all of the soft drinks for the event!

·       Our judges, Elli Crocker of Clark University and Kat O'Connor of Worcester State University who provided their artistic expertise in judging the show and, in addition, engaging several of the WRHS Art Students in the judging process.

·       The musicians, who volunteered their talent and time especially Nancy Ackerman and the West Wynd Clarinet Ensemble who provided music on Opening Night and Jen Caswell and Company who provided keyboard and vocal music on Saturday evening.

·       Our Art and English instructors from both WRHS and TPS who actively supported student involvement as a key component of the show, with special thanks to Racheal Lochner, Suzanne Breen, and Susan Roney-O'Brien.

·       The Wachusett Garden Club who provided beautiful floral arrangements to complement paintings in the galleries and for various tables.

A show of this size could not have happened if not for the active support of Society members including:

·       Judy Dino for all of her time and Excel expertise in accurately processing all entry forms and data and for creating the many worksheets and labels needed to support the show.

·       Beth Mellor for all of the graphics required to create posters, the Exhibit Brochure and her website management.

·       Judy Tyler for all of the extensive marketing and promotional work to advertise the show.   

·       Dave and Rosella Stromberg for planning and overseeing the kitchen and for ensuring that our guests could enjoy great food tastefully presented throughout the event.

·       Jen Caswell for leading our sponsorship and donor programs so essential to the financial viability of this event.

·       Jean and Harry Strock for stepping in and helping to build the hanging system infrastructure needed to convert a gymnasium into a "gallery" and of course Jean for also helping to design the gallery layout that enabled us to show off the art work and facilitate the flow of attendees.

·       Lou and Mary Trostel for their support in staffing and overseeing the Guest Welcome Table and for all of their other communications related support.

·       All the members who volunteered to receive art, hang art, staff the function,  secure or donate raffle items, bring food,  clean up after the event, or perform a myriad of other functions needed to make this event happen. Your contributions, large and small, were all appreciated.

We also want to thank our many guests who came with friends and families to enjoy the art and this wonderful community event. A gallery of beautiful art is of little value without the viewer. So thank you for coming to our 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit and Sale and for reconfirming the importance of art to the health of the community.  As a non-profit organization, we are very grateful for the donations, support, and encouragement that we received during the event.

Any comments or suggestions regarding the show or how it might be improved in the future can be directed to contact@princetonarts.org




Len Haug, Exhibit Coordinator

Susan Ulrich, PAS President 

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